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i try use jdiction.xml from this topic https://forum.jdiction.org/index.php/topic,606.0.html, but have small problem.
In default language all it's OK, in translated language i have in categories view to many categories. For example in category have 15 photo in categories i have 15 category with the same name.

I use photogallery component 4.3.6


Harald Leithner:
I'm sorry I don't use phocagallery myself but I can Jan with this Problem.

Ok, thank you for your conctact with Jan. I can change Joomgallery to Phocagallery and this is small problem for complete change gallery because our company web is on 9 languages.
I think is very good for Phoca if this problem will be solved.

Harald Leithner:
Ok, I got an answer from Jan, the sql Query is a bit complex but shouldn't break... It could break because there is an if statement in it.

you can try to use the alternate database driver.


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