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With multilangual Virtuemart i have with language link. For example
URL: free/cs/vyrobky/test
Link CZ: /free/cs/vyrobkyrobky/test
LINK EN: /free/en/productsrobky/test

Joomla: 3.8.3
Virtuemart: 3.2.12

Vyrobky is menu item - CZ sef: vyrobky, EN sef: products
Test is category in virtuemart - CZ sef: test, EN sef: test-en

Tested on a clean installation.

Harald Leithner:
Its possible that this feature doesn't work with virtuemart.

Ok, but this is problem when i use jdiction and also virtuemart. It is possible implement if plugin=com_virtuemart get standard link from joomla core and not get new link from jdiction? I think would solve the problem.

Harald Leithner:
Do you have a test Installation so i can check my self?

Harald Leithner:
So I needed some time but now I route a jdiction helper for virtuemart, this allows you to use jdiction switcher including preserving the category and product

Copy the attached file to:

Then it should work.


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