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When exporting a document to work on the translation on a XLF file, the alias is not included. Which at the beginning has sense, due to the fact that supposedly should be created automatically from the Title. But found out that the field stays blank and because of that it uses the alias from the original title and not the translated one.

This means that after importing you have to go one by one (article, menu, category,...) opening and copy&paste the title on the alias field to be sure that it is created from the translation and not from the original.

Hope I have explain my self clear, if not do not hesitate to ask.


Harald Leithner:
Hmm, you are right, I think the reason for this is because we don't have a field validation on import so an alias may uses invalid characters...

but you can activate in in- and export with by modifying the xml file in
/libraries/jdiction/tables/content.xml and menu.xml

there is a line similar to this:
              <field name="alias" type="jdalias" field="title" export="false" />
simply remove the ' export="false"' part

I will check on that, thanks for your fast reply.


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