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jDiction no longer fully working with k2



I've noticed a possible bug with k2 and jDiction. I didn't notice at which stage it started, but most likely after last joomla and jDiction update. Currently I'm running joomla 3.8.10 and jDiction 2.2.2

The problem is with language switching within and item, categories work fine.

Here are some examples:
K2 Category view
If you change languages in this view (upper right corner), everything will switch nicely.

K2 Item view
If you change languages in this view (upper right corner), 404 error is returned.

The problem here is that, for some reason url is constructed a bit wrong, it is missing some characters when switching language. If you take a look at the url below:
This is the correct working url
But language switcher cuts some symbols from the url "/it"

What makes this problem very hard to understand, at least for me. Is that this problem occurs only when switching from Latvian (LV) language to others. If I use English or Russian as and then switch to other languages, there is no such problem.

Harald Leithner:

the problem is not so hard to understand ;-)

the reason is because you primary language (LV) doesn't use the language tag in the url. And the jdiction languageswitch doesn't honor this case correctly...

If you change this behavior in the joomla language swtiches it should work.

I will check this in jdiction but can't promise when I have fixed it.


Thank you so much for such a fast response!

I'm just switching back to having language tag in primary language.

Will keep this in mind for the future :)

Harald Leithner:
I have a test version that should work at https://forum.jdiction.org/index.php?topic=1241.new;topicseen#new


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