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How to Export ??


There is no step by step explanation on how to do an export in the documentation. The painful part is no one here asks that so I am wondering how everyone knows how to do this? Can anybody save me here and show me? Thanks!

NB: I don't mind the format. I just want to export a translation. What is the process?

The explanation below which is found in the JDiction documentation is simply not detailed enough. How do I get to the page shown here - below.


Harald Leithner:

the Link to the screen is administrator/index.php?option=com_jdiction&view=tools you can find it in jdiction toolbar menu with the title "Tools" and on this Dashboard you find an export button. This button links to administrator/index.php?option=com_jdiction&view=export

I hope this helps.

Wow! Thanks a lot Harald. Saved me a lot of stress. Have a great day!


I need to export my translations from Joomla in an XML (or similar) format for use in another channel. I’ve tried with jDiction but haven’t been able to generate a legible file.
Is there another extension with a similar function, or a way to generate a translation table from within Joomla which shows the relationship between 2 languages?

Harald Leithner:
I'm sorry I don't know any other extensions that are able to do this.


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