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After update to Joomla 3.9.13 Jdiction not working

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after update Joomla! to 3.9.13, Jdiction not working. I have all content, which one is translate on JDiction still in default language.

Maybe this is problem no Joomla! but PHP with PHP version 7.3.9 is fatal error, on PHP 7.1.32 work no problem.

PHP 7.3.9

Fatal error: Declaration of PHPSQLParser\processors\ReplaceProcessor::process($tokenList) must be compatible with PHPSQLParser\processors\InsertProcessor::process($tokenList, $token_category = 'INSERT') in /domains1/gh43424600/public/www_root/libraries/jdiction/database/parser/processors/ReplaceProcessor.php on line 52

Harald Leithner:
Which version are you using?

Sorry, i use last version Jdiction 2.2.2 and Joomla 3.9.13

Harald Leithner:
you can try to switch the database driver to the xml driver.

I see only Mysqli, Pdomysql and Jdiction_Mysqli and also is problem with select database driver.
I select Jdiction_mysqli but after save still is checked Mysqli but in cofiguration.php is jdiction_mysqli.


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