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Menu Titles no longer get translated

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I am trying to update the website: www.estreladalva.pt by adding a blog page. While I was building the blog the Main Menu titles no longer get translated when I switch languages (PT titles are always on. EN and DE will not be displayed) The content gets translated but the Main Menu Titles donĀ“t. By mistake I choose the Blog menu item to be the default. After noticing the mistake I reversed and placed the Start page again as the default. I think the problem may have started there.
Can anybody help me solve this problem?
Thank You!

Harald Leithner:
It's very likley that the reason is you template that loads the menu before translation kicks in. Please check the order of your plugins.

Hi Harald,
Thank you for your time.

I think my knowledge of Joomla is not very thorough.
I tried to change the order in the plugin manager, according to the image I send attached to this message, but nothing happened.

Harald Leithner:
Language filter has to be the first, jdiction the second plugin.
jdiction has a checkpage for this.

Changed the plugin order. First is the Language, jDiction the second. Nothing changed.

I am not sure that the problem is related directly to jDiction plugin.The menu title were translated since 2014. Only when I started to work on the Blog page, messing with Login form, users, and other stuff, namely changing the default page from Start to the Blog page by mistake, did this happen.


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