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jdiction & icagenda little problem



I'm using jDiction and iCagenda without problems in J3 and now, in J4 , one of the modules of iCagenda (iC event list) is only correctly translated on the page with the menu type "List item" of iCagenda. On the other pages, the module remains untranslated. Also, not in the default language (ES), but in the last of the content languages, now EN but if I change the order and I put, for example, CA as the last one, the module changes also to CA in all pages except in the one with the Agenda/Schedule.

Please open
and look at the module on the right "Próximamente" to better understand the problem.

I'm using the last version of jDiction for J4 (pkg_jdiction-3.0.1-git.ccea4e9), the plugins are correctly ordered, the database is jDiction for MySQLi...

Please, any clue to fix the problem?


Harald Leithner:
Interesting, can you check if the database queries are different for the module for the different menu items?

Hi Harald,

thak you for your interest :)

I don't have enough knowledge to make anything clear by looking at the database queries. Sorry.

Testing I have seen that if the menu is of the blog article type the language switching works (see biography, for example). Does not work if it is of the type show a single article. Hope this help.



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