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jDiction 2.2.0 released. http://jdiction.org/downloads

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[SOLVED]: Indeed, there was a problem with cache, not with jdiction. plus, very kinky. disabling cache in System - Configuration - System - Cache - Off didn't solve the problem. only deactivating cache plugin did it. But obviously, this bug came indeed with the the update to 3.4.8. Thanks, Harald!

after disabling caching the same problem occurs with english.

but if I switch to english, the changes are there. so I thought, jdiction should be involved in the problem

I have emptied the cache, but no change.


After updating my joomla to 3.4.8 there is a problem with jdiction. I have 2 languages: german (main language) and english. After editing articles, saving and closing, there are no article changes to see in the frontend. After ca. 10 minutes the changes are shown up. This problem appears only on german site. If i click on the english flag, the changes are there immediately after editing the article. what could it be? Thanks in advance!

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