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jDiction 2.2.0 released. http://jdiction.org/downloads

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 :-XAfter installation I got following errors:

Version   > Could not load lib_jdiction.xml File
Plugin    > Joomla Languagefilter Plugin is enabled
There are 15 plugins having the same loading postion as the Joomla Languagefilter Plugin.
JDiction Plugin is enabled.
Database   > jDiction Database Driver is not selected
Language   > Seam to be good
Module   > Module is enabled
Common mistakes >The default editor is not tinymce, jDiction does only support tinymce at the moment.

I have changed editor to tinymce , but do not understand how to resolve other errors.

I am ruining Jommla 3.9.3.  ;  php 7.1 ; database type  is mysqli

Kind regards

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