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Export to .xliff contains no data

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I have a multilingual NL-EN website. Itç made with the default Joomla tools. Now I need to make an export of the NL version of the site to xliff for an external translation bureau.

I downloaded and installed jDiction 2.2.2 and tried to export the Dutch version of the site to an xliff file. The export runs, but I don't find my data in the xliff file.

Do you have any suggestions why?

Best regards,


Harald Leithner:
Whats the native language of the site?


Main menu (containing one item for all langaluses, but not used in site)
Dutch menu (default language)
English menu

and one extra menu for hidden menu items containing bothe Dutch and English menu items

It seems that the export only contains items that are related to the extra menu for hidden items.

Any suggestions?

Harald Leithner:
Sorry I missed the post.

Does any export show you anything?

Does the CSV work?


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